Psychomusicology at AUW

20 September 2018, School of Psychology and Preschool Education-Ahfad University for Women hosted a lecture on Psychomusicology presented by Asim Altayeb Qorashi (PhD of creative arts, University of Western Sydney- Australia).

Dr. Qorashi explained how the dynamic nature of music (specific features of a musical work or performance) and our responses (affective, cognitive, and behavioral) convey or elicit certain reactions that might result in changes in mood, memory, and intelligence. He also elaborated on the positive influences of playing a musical instrument on personality, self-confidence and learning.

This lecture attracted a huge audience ranging from knowledge seekers, fans to intrigued academia.

 Dr. Qorashi is a Sudanese-Australian Sufi musician, researcher and a song writer who’s travelling the world to document vanishing Sudanese music as well as using it as a hand that supports youth under distress. He has won Best Musician Award, Paris 2011, and World Whistling Champion by whistling Mozart. Also he graciously offer to train interested students on how to use music as a healing tool.