Specializations offered in the School

The Early Childhood Education (ECE)

The ECE option provides foundation and framework of early childhood programs, historical
roots, program models, curriculum development, assessments, and key issues relating to

early childhood education, teacher’s roles and parents’ involvement. This specialization is
considered a pioneer higher educational field in Sudanese universities.

The Counselling and Health Psychology (CHP)

The CHP option offers a comprehensive and diverse spectrum of theories of psychological
adjustment to life stresses, a solid foundation in theoretical knowledge regarding mental and
health disorders, counselling and guidance in schools, therapeutic and counselling techniques
and skills as well as clinical psychotherapeutic practicum and school counselling internships.
This option too is currently not offered at any other Sudanese universities.

Requirements for Admission

See University Requirements

Requirements for Graduation

The curriculum of the school is designed in a spiral-approach where students are expected
to follow theoretical, training, and practical courses according to level. It is very important
that students not skip these pre-requisite courses. Each option has 68 credits; for a student

to proceed to either ECE or CHP options, she must take and PASS the following pre-requisite

• Principles of Psychology 201

• Developmental Psychology 201
• Educational Psychology 202

• Theories of Personality 301
• Special Education 301

In addition to taking the above pre-requisite courses, the student must successfully complete
the study of 143 credit hours including fulfilling her practical training requirements in the
following areas related to her option:

• Early Childhood Centers (ECE Option)
• Basic Schools (ECE Option)

• Institutes for children with special needs (ECE Option)

• Centers for the care of patients with chronic diseases (CHP Option)
• Mental Health hospitals (CHP Option)

• Basic and Secondary schools (CHP Option)

• Rural Extension Fieldtrips (ECE & CHP Options)