Dr. Alia Babiker Badri 

Dean of School of Psychology

PhD in Health Promotion. Senior counselor and lecturer at SoP. Current research interests include plan for a culturally-sensitive integrated intervention to support women and girls S/GBV violations; developing a multicultural psychosocial intervention using the Ahfad Trauma Center Resilience and Self-Reliance Training Packages for culturally diverse communities including refugee’s community needs ongoing interests include Research, training and educational programs that strengthen mental health and psychosocial support systems; Operational research  to support resilience and mental health interventions.

Sulaima Ishaq Moh Elkhalifa

MSc. Counseling and Health Psychology specialization in trauma recovery for children affected with conflict and child talk and trauma-sensitive care. Lead counselor for childhood trauma; project manager of TORCH (trauma outreach and community healing); program manager for TORCH Regional HUB. Ongoing research in creative art within therapeutic for children affected by war and in need of special protection settings; program planning, implementation, and monitoring for vulnerable women and girls affected by GBV. PhD Candidate in trauma recovery intervention for children affected by conflict and mental health promotion.

Dr. Muna Abdeen Abdelrahman Mohamed

Ph.D. in Criminal psychology specialization in substance use abuse and addiction. Ongoing researches include addiction among university students at Khartoum State; Post-traumatic stress disorder within the Military; efficacy of cognitive therapy on negative emotions among soldiers. Research interests include the role of forensic psychologist in the prevention of relapse among psychotic patients; Psychological dimension of the crimes committed by the elderly in Sudan.

Dr. Souad Mousa Ahmed Bakhet

PhD in Psychology specializing in advocating for counselling psychology. Current research include assessing supportive groups among cancer patients; assessingsuicide preventive protocols in mental health centers in Khartoum State. Ongoing interests include assessing the accessibility of vulnerable women and girls to mental health and primary health care clinics; measuring the psychosocial support systems available chronically ill patients in Khartoum State hospitals; and planning for a culturally-sensitive integrated intervention to support women and girls S/GBV violations.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Shima Mohamed Bashir

MSc. Counseling and Health Psychology. Executive Manager, Ahfad Trauma Center, an affiliated in-house and public free counselling service of SoP. Internship Program Supervisor for Master in Trauma and Community Counselling students. Senior psychologist and lecturer at SoP. PhD Candidate of social capital and collective healing as a tool among in low resource settings. Ongoing interests include peace and conflict recovery of refugee communities using trauma-informed care therapies such as Narrative Theatre.

Dr. Nuha Elsadig Ahmed Hussien

PhD in Psychology, specializing in music therapy and establisher of Star Music Psychotherapy Center. A member of the Sudanese Society of Psychology, Omdurman Youth Center, and American Psychological Association. Current research include adolescent mental health and wellbeing with the use of creative arts therapy to alleviate psychosocial distress. Ongoing interests include curriculum and it is role in developing creative thinking for children; the inclusion of disabled children in creative teaching skills; rehabilitation programs for street children; psychosocial and cultural messaging for children with special needs in media.

Dr.Hwiada Mahmoud Abubakar Hassan

Assistant Professor of Medical Anthropology. Editor of Ahfad Journal Women and Change. Interests include Medical Anthropology in Public Health. Recent publications include Partiality and Accountability in Patterning Schistosomiasis Transmission in the Gezira Irrigated Scheme in Sudan (2018); The Transmission Patterns of schistosomiases in Khartoum State, Sudan (2016); Sudan in Arab Family Studies: Critical Reviews (2018). Stigma and the process of deconstruction of the social identity of women living with HIV/AIDs in Sudan (2015).

Manal Mohamed Eltayeb

MSc in Trauma and Community Counseling. Psychologist and lecturer at SoP. Member of the School Board Committee (Quality and Accreditation Chair), member of the research and ethics School Board. Current research interests include assessing protocols and interventions in mental health to scale-up service provision in primary health care and public mental health facilities. Ongoing research include credential evaluation to develop accreditation and licensure procedure for best practices in higher education policies and documentation requirements. PhD Candidate of health psychology and group dynamics for program implementation and intervention in the mental health of schools.

Eman Farah Ahmed Farah

MSc in Trauma and Community Counseling. Childhood Counselor and lecturer at SoP. Regional trainer for psychosocial support programming of internally displaced children living in extreme poverty; psychosocial support for survivors of gender base violence; social reintegration of fistula patients; psychosocial support for children and adolescents in emergency settings. Co-author Minimal Standard of Intervention for children and adolescents in Emergency Settings. Ongoing interests include trauma recovery and upscaling services and treatment using KIDNT intervention to treat traumatized youngsters settled in Jabarona and Nifasha refugee camps.

Abdelrahman G. Badri

M.A. in Clinical Psychology, concentration in Trauma and Global Mental Health. Lecturer at SoP. My current research interest centre around understanding local idioms of distress (i.e. how Sudanese youth experience and express psychological distress); development/adaptation of culturally-sensitive assessment tools and psychotherapeutic interventions (i.e. Interpersonal Psychotherapy); acculturation processes of migrant/refugee children and adolescents; scaling-up and dissemination of psychosocial support using telemental health.

Publications under review: The Case of Eritrean Unaccompanied Refugee Minors In The Sudan.

Badri Saad Salih Ibrahim 

Lecturer at  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­School of Psychology and Early Childhood Education. Has Masters Degree in Applied Information Technology, Bachelors Degree in Applied Information Technology.

Research interests: Computer Graphics, Animation, Illustration, Narrative Media, Multimedia 

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dr. Aisha Awad Elbalola 

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Psychology & Pre school Education. Has PhD in Psychology, Khartoum University, Master in Counselling & Health Psychology, AUW, Bachelor in Psychology, AUW

Research interests: Couple and families interventions, group therapy, and mental health

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.