The Rural Extension Program 

The Rural Extension Program started in 1973 as an integral part of the curriculum of the then School of Family Sciences. The Course was initiated in response to the needs for improvement of the quality of life of families in poorer rural and urban settlements. The course proved to be a great success as the students gained valuable experience through first-hand training on rural extension. In 1978 the course was assigned as a University Requirement (UR) course for third year students in all schools of the university after being upgraded to a university program as part of the university philosophy and commitment towards less developed/privileged rural regions of the country. Now it is a university requirement for the fourth year students of all schools, except for the schools of Medicine and Pharmacy where the course involves first year students.

The aim of Rural Extension Program is to contribute to achieving the goal of preparing the students to serve as agents of social change. Furthermore, the students are trained in matters related to their own disciplines. Students participate in a variety of activities all of which relate to community mobilization and community service work. The spirit of teamwork is promoted among students in areas where integrated work pattern is required. The students also receive training in the preparation of simple educational materials and methods of communication with rural people. The students and their instructors involve in field trips to villages in different areas of Sudan to conduct extension work. These field trips are organized in cooperation with government agencies and non-governmental organizations which are active in the areas to be visited; and themes for the activities to be undertaken are chosen in collaboration with the assistance of these agencies.

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