The School of Rural Extension Education and Development


The School of Rural Extension, Education and Development (REED) have been evolving since its opening in 1987.  The philosophy upon which REED is built emphasizes changing the status of Sudanese women by enabling them to assume responsible roles in the development of the nation.  The School of REED program aims towards graduating change agents who are committed to work to improve the conditions of the rural communities.  These aims are clear from the beginning and the School has been able to respond to the changing educational needs of the rural sector. Because Ahfad University for Women (AUW) is committed to the development of rural communities, a special scholarship program is offered for 18 students from less privileged  rural areas of the Sudan  These scholarships are set for students from Darfur, Kordufan, Northern and Eastern States having each acquainted with the realities of rural women’s roles, problems and opportunities.  Graduates are prepared to manage and coordinate development activities targeted towards the rural sector, especially women. REED graduates develop the skills required to engage in field work, research and training and to become involved in policy and decision making.


  School Vision:

To have critical mass of informed and active rural women

  School Mission:

Delivery of high quality extension training.

  Experience in the Rural Sector

Central to REED curriculum is student participation in field work.  Each summer during school vacation, all REED students participate in individual research in rural areas of Sudan.  For the many students who are from urban areas, these field assignments provide them their first extensive experience in village life and the realities of rural communities as it emphasizes on identifying the problems faced by the community, researching solutions to those problems, implementing the solutions, and finally, evaluating the effectiveness of the implementation.

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