During the past 10 years REED worked in the following partnerships              

  • Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany) Link Program for three years; The Ahfad-Humboldt Link Program is about the dialogue of cultures and creating bridges between Sudan and Germany. Since 1998 the program consists of four components: research, staff and students exchange, curriculum development & joint teaching as well as International Conferences, that take place every second year at Ahfad University in Omdurman, Sudan and at Humboldt-University in Berlin. These conferences are open to participants from other countries.
  • Water Management in Khartoum Metropolitan Area; International Research Project (WAMAKHAIR). This was an international research project in which five Universities participated: University of Bayreuth (Germany), University of Paris 10 (France), University of Freiburg (Switzerland), CEDEJ center (Khartoum) and Ahfad University for Women (Sudan). The project was led by the University of Bayreuth as the international head partner and coordinated by AUW as the national partner. It included 10 senior researchers, 5 Ph D students, 10 M Sc. Students and 20 B Sc. Students. By the end of the project a conference was held at AUW in collaboration with the related governmental bodies (2013).
  • Capacity  building of rural farmers and extension workers in employing draught animals technology in agriculture. A Development Partnership in Higher Education (DelPHE) project with the Institute of Tropical Veterinary Medicine, University of Edinburgh, Scotland. The project aimed at increasing the knowledge and skill of farmers and those working with farmers in best practices in the employment of draught animals technology in agriculture to improve productivity of traditional farmers to contribute to poverty reduction in rural areas and raise income from agriculture. Aims were achieved through building the capacity of all actors in the field draught animals technology in the rural sector of Kordofan State where the technology was recently introduced by different NGOs in an attempt to reduce poverty by improving production. Aims also included curriculum development of the small farm technologies course taught at the School of Rural Extension, Education and Development, Ahfad University for Women for better training of the students (future extension workers) in the technology and for building strong connections with technology users in the rural areas. All these activities added to the knowledge of farmers, NGOs staff and future and in-service extension workers, which consequently reflected on improved production, production conditions and income. The partnership strengthened the relationship between scientists in the HEIs, NGOs and rural farmers. In this partnership more than 100 farmers and 50 employees of the Ministry of Agriculture were trained in four workshops. The project also published five research papers, a training manual for farmers and extension workers along with a text book for teaching.
  • Ahfad University for Women, School of REED and Dutch Consortium for Rehabilitation (DCR) works together with the inhabitants on the rehabilitation of number of communities. In Sudan DCR is collaborative venture of two organization Care International Switzerland (CIS) and ZOA. The current DCR program in South Darfur and East Darfur states, the subject of the present assessment, started in 2011 and planned to continue until the end of 2015.

  • British council in KLP project (كلنا لتنمية): the Project tile Promoting civic Engagement of secondary school girls in Al haj Yousif area.

  • TUFTS UNIVERSITY in Natural resources management.

  • Environment, Development and Training Organization (EDATO).

  •             Maastricht University (Netherlands) in vocational training in urban agriculture

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