At the moment REED is involved in the following international research projects along with the local research:

  • Natural resources management with TUFTS University (USA).
  • Vocational training in urban agriculture, Maastricht University (Netherlands).
  •       The situation of women farmers using draught animal technology in greater Darfur.


Research Interests

  • The research interests of REED diversify in accordance with REED’s vision, mission and values. They include, but not limited to;
  • Women in agriculture and development.
  • The dynamics of traditional farming and food security in the traditional rainfed farming system.
  • Resilience in rural livelihoods.
  • Urban agriculture and IDPs living strategies.
  • Domestic water supply, access and management in the rural and urban sectors.
  • Power alternatives in traditional farming with emphasis on animal traction.
  • The role of micro finance in a changing rural setting.
  • Situation of SIDPs in Sudan.
  • The dynamics of humanitarian assistance and post disaster development in Sudan.
  • Sustainability of development interventions in Sudan.
  • The role of extension in improving the quality of life in rural Sudan.
  • Rural-urban migration.
  • Renewable energy resources utilization, sustainability and effectiveness in rural Sudan.
  • Access to- and management of natural resources.

REED has formed four research groups to operate in the aforementioned areas.


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