Frequently asked questions on submission of manuscripts

I wish to submit a manuscript, what do I need to do for submission and how do I go about?

  • Prepare your manuscript following the instructions to authors given in the website.
  •  Prepare a word file and send it the editor at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Hard copies are not accepted by the journal board

If I have images in the document what are the image requirements for the online submission? 

  • Images relevant to the text are accepted for publishing
  • We ask that you submit good quality colour images (black and white images are also accepted).
  • Each image should be less than 10 MB in size.
  • The size of an image can be reduced by decreasing the actual height and width of the images (please maintain at least 400 pixels X 3 inches colour images of size 4" x 6").
  • All image formats (jpeg, gif, bmp, png, eps, etc.) are acceptable; jpeg is the most suitable.

How do I check that the journal staff has received my manuscript?

  • Once a submission is completed successfully, you will be notified (acknowledgement of receipt).

What is the next step?

  • The editorial board will revise the manuscript and if it is addressing the requirement of the journal to be eligible for publishing the manuscript will be further processed to reviewers.

What is the timeframe for the review process? 

  • The Editors review all submitted manuscripts within one to six weeks of submission.
  • If no minor changes are identified manuscripts are sent to two or more expert (reviewers) without revealing the identity of the contributors to the reviewers.
  • Within a period of 10-12 weeks, the contributors will be informed about the decision.

Why a manuscript should not approved for publishing and if the manuscript is not approved by the editorial board what will happen?
There are three cases of an article not approved by the editorial baord:

  1. If the editorial board decides that the manuscript is not eligible for publishing the author will be notified in due time.
  2. If the editorial board identified that there are minor changes in the manuscript, the author will be notified and changes will be assigned for modification. Assigned date will be mentioned for the next submission.       Upon the next submission the manuscript will be re-revised by the editorial board if satisfactory modification are being done to the work and the manuscript will be further forwarded to the appropriate reviewers (2 reviewers)
  3. Manuscripts with insufficient originality, serious scientific flaws, and structural problems in the manuscript or absence of importance of message are rejected. If the editorial board identified that manuscript is not eligible for publishing the author will be informed

I see that the due date for the current phase has elapsed, but I am yet to receive feedback. Why is this? 

  • The 'Likely exit date' is set according to the expected date for completion and is based the average days taken in the phase. Occasionally, our editors and reviewers may not be able to complete the review process within the set deadline. However, the final review process will definitely be completed within 12 weeks.

 How do I access comments of the referee and editor?

  • You will receive an email informing you that the review process is complete.
  • Comments received by the reviewers will be forwarded to the authors for modifications within a week of the sending
  • Please 'reply to comments' in the article file itself.

Submitting a revised manuscript 
How should I reply to queries raised by editors/referees?
Please reply to the comments of the referees/editors as careful as possible. This will ensure that the re-review is done quickly by either tracking changes if the reviewers' comments are done in the track changes program or by following the comments forwarded to you and modify the manuscript as careful as possible accordingly.
How can I submit a revised manuscript?
Via email the same procedure you submitted the manuscript in the first time.
After modifying the manuscript does this mean that it is eligible for publishing?
A likely date of publication (issue of publication) is assigned to the manuscript and the author will be informed through the email. 
The new modified version of the manuscript will be sent back to the reviewers and if the reviewers approve modifications the manuscript will be revised by the editorial board.
What will be the line of action on receipt of a revised manuscript?
• On receipt of the revised manuscript, the manuscript will be re-reviewed by the reviewers, before being checked again by the editorial board. A final decision will then be taken by the editorial board of The Ahfad Journal Women and Change. The re-reviewing and the editorial board decision will take 3-6 weeks. After the manuscript is approved in this process then a final decision including date of publishing, if the manuscript is accepted, will be forwarded to the authors.
Do I have to send a contributors' approve?
• If the article is authored by more than one author please send a contributors’ approve to the office of the journal through email. Unless these are received, a decision on the article cannot be made. The contributors' form is expected to include the signature of each author and defining the exact part of the manuscript the co-authors contributed to the manuscript.

Does the submission of a revised manuscript mean that my manuscript is 'acceptable' or 'accepted' for publishing?

  •  Submission of a revised manuscript does not guarantee its acceptance by the journal.

 Where do I get more information about the journal?

  • Check the journal's site.

How can I contact journal editors or staff?
If you have more queries in relation to publishing please feel free to contact the Journal's editor at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
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