Mission: We promote both basic and applied research conducted by faculty and students.

Vision: Our vision is to build and strengthen research capacity of the staff of AUW and other institutions to promote use of research results in policy making and planning.

Core values: We strive to achieving excellence, integrity, transparency, corporation, motivation, ethics, leadership and efficiency.    

Strategies Our Strategies are:

·        Improve and strengthen research and funding.

·        Improve infrastructures.

·        Build a critical mass of qualified researchers.

·        Enhance dissemination of outcome of health research.

·        Promote scientific and ethical standards in research.

·        Develop better coordination networking of research nationally, regionally, and internationally.

·        Monitoring and evaluation.

Core functions

1-    Oversee the development and promotion of biomedical research lab, Biotechnology and Ahfad journal.

2-    Promote training and research.

3-    Seek financial funds for researches.

4-    Issue ethical clearance to researcher’s certificate.

5-    Hold conferences, seminars and workshops.

6-    Participation in meetings, seminars and conferences, local, regional and international.

7-    Conducting community oriented service.

8-    Monitoring, evaluating and controlling.

9-    Teaching.

10-                 Publishing scientific papers, books and manuals…..etc.

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